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Premade Assets used - Infinity Blade Particles

SFX from https://www.freesfx.co.uk/sfx/metal (remixed by me)

Top down twin stick shooter, designed entirely for gamepad.

(mouse is required to navigate menu)

After a device was found, and suddenly nullified the entire planets electronics, the world is thrown into an age of no electricity, there's no possibility of returning to the life we once were so accustomed and took for granted. 


Icons mission - Bottom right of screen - Top is MedKit - Bottom is Grenades.

Char screen icons - top is rank - increases when reach max level. bottom is currency.

Controls -

Left Stick to move

Right Stick to aim

Y - Interact

X - Reload

Left Trigger - Grenade

Right Trigger - Fire

Up DPAD - Open Char Window

Right DPAD - Med Kit


Run around, kill the thugs, hopefully you don't die too.


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Terminus.rar 248 MB

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Gameplay was decent once i realized I had to use a gamepad. The bullets needed a little larger collision or at least a larger mesh. It was kind of hard to see where you were firing and get a good aim.

thanks for the feedback :)

I plan on editing the bullets because I do agree. They are pretty tricky.

I figured people wouldn't know about the controls. So I've made a controls section on the menu. And planning on making the menu entirely navigable through gamepad to avoid confusion. The description says gamepad for gameplay but mouse for menu